pds_lit (pds_lit) wrote,

October 31st

It is such a bummer that I have to be out and about early this morning. It is dog rabies clinic in my burb and I’m working it. I would just love to have the time to reply to this one in length:

Republicans will not air February debate on NBC

Must admit that at first I could hardly sit at my desk for laughing. These people are all running for the highest elected position in the US and they can’t answer a few questions on issues that concern all of us? Oh please, is this a juvenile playground stomp you feet tantrum? Partly, but I get the feeling that they don’t have answers to the very important questions about the issues in this upcoming election and are trying to cover up their stupidity and lack of substance.


Have a good one! Gotta go give shots to dogs.
Tags: morons, repugs
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